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Drop Card - The Complete Work (PDF)

£ 50 

In 2010 Christopher shared his effect Drop Card; a routine in which one spectator thinks of a playing card and focuses. The other finds the spectators card with their eyes closed. This routine is still something he perform's and loves.

Now, In 2016, Christopher offers his full body of work on this effect. Tipping secrets he has never shared before. Nothing is held back. 

This is a professional performance piece that will fit right into your show.

You will learn his current and complete handling of his effect 'Drop Card', using one spectator, a personal thought, a logical framing and two amazing revelations. This alone is a full and professional performance piece.

You will also learn about Chris' 'Billet Elimination Justification' - a subtle yet useful idea that Chris put's into action every time he works professionally. 

Also included are many strong variations of Drop Card to suit various environments and conditions. From stage, to parlour and even casual performance settings.

Luke JermayMarco Fida and Marc Paul also give fantastic contributions to this volume. 

Drop Card - The Complete Work is a professionally formatted, perfectly bound pocket book of 100 Pages that teaches Drop Card the way Christopher really does it at every Mentalism show he does. Includes full scripting, in depth tuition and many bonuses.

"This is not the drop card of your youth. From methods, techniques, options and presentation, there is something exciting and new for everybody. If you liked the original you will adore this. If you don't have the and buy this. Like all that Chris has done, he is like a brain, coach and storyteller you forgot you had." - Marc Salem.

"When he is not busy remembering things to his audiences amazement, Chris Rawlins finds the time to share with us some of his pet effects. Between the covers of this pocket-size, carefully produced book you will be treated to an in-depth treatise on a powerful, audience-tested, professionally honed routine. Chris details the development of both method and effect, his current approach and favourite presentational ploys, and variations suited to different performing situations. Solid ideas by top names such as Jermay, Banachek, and Nyman are also put to god use. What's more, 'Drop Card' will prompt your own creative thinking. Any doubt i recommend it highly?" - Marco Fida.

"You have created a very interesting and powerful reveal. I really liked your 'Billet Elimination Justification' It's a very elegant and logical justification...i love it! Really good thinking." Marc Paul

Drawing Thoughts (PDF)

£ 50 

Drawing Thoughts is a culmination of work by Christopher Rawlins, centred around Christopher's favorite premise within Mentalism...the drawing duplication.
Inside this fully illustrated, and professionally formatted, pocket book you will find six methods that have been carefully created and thoroughly tested by Christopher. The information within will allow you, via various means, to know what other people are thinking. 
Also included is a bonus section, which contains alternative approaches that will allow you to know and predict spectators' star signs and much more, alongside contributions from professionals John Archer and Luke Jermay.
This is an 87 page perfect bound pocket book, with six main approaches to the drawing duplication and a bonus section, with full crediting and detailed instruction.
Drawing Thoughts is also full of Extra Notes and Thoughts that conclude each chapter, that give the reader even more food for thought. The books contents include:

Introduction - An introduction.


Use Your Own Wallet! - A drawing duplication using a business card, a spectator and your normal everyday wallet.


Enlighten-ce-ment - A test conditions drawing duplication with an exciting method.


White Board Peek - A workable peek, utilising a whiteboard, a spectator and their thoughts.


O.I.S - Duplicate a thought of image without ever drawing.


I.D.D - The core of the book, a new approach to the drawing duplication that allows you to duplicate thought of images under extremely fair conditions. This can be performed over Skype, FaceTime and of course in person.


Bonus' -  Expanding on previously taught approaches within this book, enabling you to know and predict spectators star signs, alongside two guest contributions from professionals John Archer and Luke Jermay. Also included in this chapter is an essay on the subject of 'Revealing Drawings’.


Appendix - Included here is Chris' ultra clean, simple and direct solution to the stage drawing duplication: REVEAL. With details shared that explain how to make your own board, and the most suitable materials.


Credits - Full crediting and thanks.


Watch and listen below for more information about Drawing Thoughts.


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£ 10 

Roulette is a collection of 9 Mentalism effects brought to you by Chris Rawlins, that have all been tried and tested in the real world. Origionally published in 2012, with foreword by Luke Jermay